The Kiln on 82 is now "Kiln Pottery" - Yep, your favorite pottery studio has moved to Brecksville!
Pottery Wheel
pottery wheel classes
"Yes, just like in the movie Ghost!"
Satisfy your curiosity and take a class on the potters wheel! Each student will receive individualized instructions according to their interests and experience. Because our classes are small and intimate, we are able to provide an environment to encourage your creative self-expression in clay. All classes are taught by our accomplished instructors in a motivating and creative environment. One to one attention will be given to each student. We have pottery wheel classes for children and teens as well as adults. 
Intro to the wheel
Time: 1 class, 1 hour
Date: Chosen by class participant
Subject:Try your hand at the pottery wheel! An instructor will guide you through the fundamentals of wedging, centering, lifting, trimming and glazing. Each person will successfully make 1-2 pieces. Either glaze it the same day, or return in two weeks to glaze it.
Cost: $35.00 – includes instruction, supplies, glaze and firing
Level: Beginners to Intermediate
Intro to the wheel for groups/parties
Time: 20-25 minutes depending on size of group
Date: Chosen by class participants
Subject: Guests will accomplish the same fundamentals as in the hour long class, only it's a little shorter and sweeter! We'll rotate 4 guests at a time, while some are on the wheel, the others will be learning to glaze their pieces!
Make & glaze pottery to complete the requirements for a scout activity badge!
Minimum 6 people
Cost: $25/guest
Parent/Child classes
Time: 1.5 hours
Date: Chosen by class participant
Subject:Parents and their kids team up on 1 wheel to have an unforgettable pottery throwing experience! Learn the fundamentals of wheel throwing together and create a masterpiece! This is good for kids under 8 years old who may need help on the wheel.
Cost: $50
Beginner-Intermediate 4 week class
Time: 4 classes, 2 hours/class
Date: Chosen by class participant
Week 1: Students will be introduced on clay basics wedging, how to deal with air bubbles properly. Wheel instruction and care. After this brief introduction, students will begin wheel work, starting with 3-4 one pound balls of clay. Students will spend the rest of the class practicing how to open to create a vase, and how to raise the walls of the piece. **Emphasis of this class will be focused on centering .
Week 2: Students will shortly review the basics. Wheel throwing will then began where I will review basic techniques and be available for any student who is having trouble. Hopefully in this class you will be able to successfully create a vase on your own.                      .     
Week 3: This week will be very much like the previous week. Students will review and practice their newly found pottery skills. 30 minutes will be set aside to teach students how to trim the piece they made the week prior.
Week 4: Students will spend the day glazing their pieces in a fun and relaxing setting to sum up a month of hard work.
Cost: $175.00 – includes instruction, supplies, glaze and firing
Level: Beginners to Intermediate
Advanced class– 4 week wheel throwing
Time: 4 classes, 2 hours/class 
Dates: Chosen by class participant
Subject: This class is for anyone who has prior experience in wheel throwing but still wishes to absorb and learn new, advanced throwing techniques for future pottery. Students will learn how to throw more complex and larger forms such as plates, bowls and pots. Students will also learn how to create extravagant glaze work on their finished pieces. You are free to be more independent and be allowed to deviate from the task at hand to create something of their own while still staying within the boundaries of the lesson
Week 1: Intermediate/advanced students should be expected to know the basics of wheel throwing but I plan to offer a very brief introduction on wheel throwing to any student who desires it. Students will receive 2 one pound ball of clay and 2 two pound balls of clay . You will have the opportunity to lern how to make small and large plates as well as exploring methods of plate decoration.
Week 2: This week, students will focus on how to throw bowls successfully as well as creating a nice shape and rim to the piece. Students will receive 2 one and half pounds balls of clay and 2 two pound balls of clay to practice their bowl techniques on.                                     
Week 3: Students will spend the class trimming their pieces while also learning new extravagant trimming techniques. You should have 4-8 pieces of finished work.                     
Week 4: This class day will be dedicated to exploring new glaze techniques while enjoying a nice relaxing and easy last class.
Cost: $ 195.00, includes instruction, materials, glaze and firing
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Open Studio
  • Students & artists can use the pottery wheels to work on their own projects and/or to improve their skills.
  • Pottery wheels are monitored but not instructed by staff
  • Buy clay at $1/lb
  • Wheel rental is $10/hour
  • Studio rental to paint your piece is $10/hour
  • Small firing fee based on size of your creation
Kiln Pottery
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